The Money&Co. Portfolio Innovative Finance ISA

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If you open a Money&Co. Portfolio Innovative Finance ISA, Bramdean will invest your money for you in loans, typically with a fixed return of 7% per annum after fees, which you will receive completely tax-free. You will have the option of either paying out the interest annually or reinvesting into new loans. Your ISA allowance for the tax year 2018/19 is £20,000, which means that a married couple can invest up to £40,000 and generate tax-free interest of up to £2,800 per annum.


You can make a cash subscription for this year or transfer Cash ISAs, Stocks and Shares ISAs or IFISAs managed by other ISA managers from previous years to Money&Co.


You can only buy one IFISA, one Cash ISA and one Stocks and Shares ISA in each tax year. You can move money held in ISAs managed by other managers from previous tax years to the Money&Co. Portfolio IFISA. If you would like to do this, please fill in a transfer form, which is available above, but please read the Lender Terms before doing so.

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Who can apply for a Money&Co. Portfolio IFISA?

Applicants must be over 18 years old and resident in the UK for tax purposes. It only takes a few minutes to fill in the online application on the Money&Co. Portfolio website and you will need your National Insurance number and bank account details. Before completing the application, please read the Lender Terms on the website.

Is the Money&Co. Portfolio IFISA a flexible ISA?

Yes.  Our IFISA has flexibility built in so you will be able to withdraw any income and pay it back into your Money&Co. account during the tax year without it being counted as part of your annual ISA allowance.

If you haven’t used your ISA allowance for this year, you must do so by 5 April 2019 or you will lose it. Apply for a Money&Co. Portfolio Innovative Finance ISA now.
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